Friday, May 26, 2017

Blogging Buddies

One part of my personal PD that I am always attempting to improve is my blogging. I don't seem to have any trouble tweeting, e-mailing, or talking with my PLN, but sitting down to blog seems to be something I excel at making excuses about and forgetting.

So I decided to do something about it to become more consistent. Enter ISTE's Blogging Buddies. Early in May, I saw a tweet from Katie Siemer announcing that ISTE's #ETCoaches were hosting this group-based blogging challenge. I would be grouped with four other educators, and the goal was to blog at least once a month while also providing encouraging feedback on our group members' blogs. My teammates in this endeavor are Keith Hannah, Lorena Esper, Carrie Lowery, and Shaina Glass. Check out their burgeoning blogs, as well!

The real test now is to remain consistent with blogging. My next post will be a recap of last week's TxGoo conference in Spring, Tx. I love this conference, and this year marked my first presentation at an EdTech conference, so it was especially memorable and enjoyable.

Until then, if you think you'd like to join ISTE's #ETCoaches in Blogging Buddles, read through this Doc and register!